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Dawn Gibbons, Nevada’s former first lady and the “”brassy TV guy” television station owner Jim Rogers get together from time to time to take on trendy topics.

Dawn and Jim may not always agree but they both anxiously look forward to tackling the topics you’ll be talking about tomorrow.

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Dawn and Jim feedback

Sensationalism in the media

I really enjoyed that segment Dawn. I agree with Jim about Fox News. He is also right that Bill O Reilly is the smartest talk show host over there. (Although what Bill allegedly tried to do to his ex-wife was neither smart or cool.) Its refreshing that O'Reilly doesn't always take the conservative stand. He was for federal hate crimes legislation, he believes in global warming, sais Bobby Kennedy was the best politician in his life time, etc. These are all commenadable positions. Its strange that Rush Limbaugh thinks he is an air head. Rush calls him "The Ted Baxter of journalism." --Kurt G

Mr. Rogers says he wants more "substance" in the news so as to attract a larger audience, but not like Fox News, which has "no substance" yet does have a large audience. You gotta' straighten him out, Dawn. I thought you had him last week when he admitted government regulation was overly burdensome. Great segments! --Ed T.

Nevada's new state logo

I think the marketing company also came up with 'Living in Seattle is like living with a beautiful person -- who's always sick.' --Thomas T

lol I am. Seriously its not funny. Dawn Gibbons makes an excellent point that WE have a University system with bright budding brilliance that could have benefitted in scholarships spent back into our economy and perhaps attract other business/states looking for marketing a time when economics are important we need cognition not repetition. --Karla K.

Next time try a contest among residents and give the winner a trip somewhere nice saving us, oh, about $240,000. --Bill B

word.... REALLY...!!!! --Charilie A.

I would have done it for half the price. --Patricia B.

Give Me lands lots Of land ..don't fence me in. Oldtime cowboys days. Think we have those days still but have way moved on. Give me a break. Thought it was a NYC firm. --NKE

Martin, you are acting as if you want to be attacked. LOL --Keri

Lindy: "Attacked"? I should be so lucky! --M.L.

It is really so ridiculous you can't make it up. Why not hire a local firm, who knows Nevada..who is Nevada? And apparently the new website for tourism to go with it - is not mobile friendly! #epicblunder --K.G

Why didn't they use "Pull out before you come" that makes more sense. --M.W.

Insane! Treason! --PJB

Its a horrible slogan !!!!!!....AND the paid someone out of state to do it !!!! ....NV never learns !! --Neil B

Yeah,..I thought the total tab came to $9 million when you include the ad campaign costs,..according to the RJ and News4. Insanity! --Jenney S

What a shame. So much money to squander. I understand the value of change .... but.. I also understand priorities. Such a shame --Killeen B

Wow... for $250,000???? How do you get a job like that to come up with 7 words that don't say anything??? --Star D

STUPID. --Rupal M

Nevada has so much going for it. Its a conspiracy I swear. Too many jealous Seattleites having fun making Nevada look Stupid. --RWM

you got to be kidding. --Jeni T

Insane on a number of levels. Oh, and an additional rumored $2.75M to roll this dog out.... --Ray T

Why not a Nevada firm, we have so many talented branding professionals here in the state. This isn't a joke? --Verita P

Tax payers money being put to good use as always. --Chirs W

Whoever within state government that approved that money to be spent on THAT needs to be fired. That's a ton of cash!! --Kevin G

Hmmm. I think I like it. It says more than first meets the eye. --Nancy E

Kevin, I am sure the budget was approved last year, and it is probably the Department of Tourism who gets to give the thumbs up. Regardless, I like it. It says Nevada has EVERYTHING to offer (which it does), and it is a state apart, which connotes both, "a cut above," as well as "not so far away." --NE

"It was developed as part of the tourism agency's two-year, $3 million contract with Burson-Marsteller, a public relations firm." This makes me want to vomit. --Gerti O

this not not a good thing who ever did this should be fired and have to pay the state of Nevada back all the money to --Michael R

What is happening to our state? --Denise S

That is too deep! --Liz G

Who was in charge of that? --Vernon V

And they actually think it will drive tourists here what a bunch of morons!!! --Eva J

waste of our money. --Pat L

Wow, I could have done for free!!! What is going on? --Elena B

And with some of the worst school systems in this country we couldn't spend it on our children's future. Sorry, but moving away from Nevada is really looking better with every stupid decision this state makes. --Lisa K

So dumb. --Mysty C

Once again, proof that government is out of control. Stay warm and well Dawn. --Johnny G

What is the matter with our idiot "public servants?" --Jim R

I think I could have done that for $250.00 Anyone considering coming to Nevada for a vacation or business is going to look at this and scratch their heads wondering what this screwed up state is trying to say! --Karen G

Our tax dollars at work. You have lost touch with some of us. We are still here. --Richard R

Heck they could have just recycled the old LVCVA "open 24/7" tag. Lots of brand mean Sparks clues at 5pm? Nevermind... --Chettoff C

What the.... they complain on having no $$.! And we have enough marketing and public relation firms in Vegas. We need new leadership --Dawn H

I am so against taking business out of state! Buy local, give local. --Annie A

What happened to buy local, give local. And the Sandoval says, "old news". What? Boo! --Mark W

Nevada Legislature and Juries

Dawn, 2 really good segments. I used to be for term limits. In the 1990 election I voted for the constitutional measure here in Calif. The last 20 years have been a disaster. People are gone from 1 office after just 6 years and they have to play musical chairs to get another one. The lobbyists have more power than they ever did before. Maybe there should be a life time term limit for each person of 16 years. They can serve all that in 1 office or play musical chairs and serve in various capacities. ......No faith in the jury system. From first hand experience I think its a farce. Everyone should see the movie "And Justice For All." It stars Al Pacino and is more true today than when it came out in 1979. Also I think people besides Jehovahs Witnnesses should get a conscientious objector status and be excused from jury duty. --K.G

Dawn that sounds to exciting for me , but thanks- Morgan P.

you guys should discuss why its ok to put a man that has a 1-3 sentence in the same institution as a man that has two life sentences. the playing field is a little different! and also why people have mandatory sentences, and for those who believe in yahshua, scripture teaches us that transformation comes from within not a certain amount of time!!!!!!!!!!! William R.

I think it would be too funny if Mr. Rodgers showed up in a suit and tie and you showed up in a plaid shirt!! LOL. Do something on mental health....several articles in California about Nevada sending mentally ill patients to California and giving them bus passes and sending them to loaves and fishes in Sacramento..goggle it..they call it mental health patient dumping because the budget woes in Nevada for mental health! would make a lively discussion. Sandy W.

Editorial Policy

I want a coffee cup. Love that you embrace all viewpoints! That's why King Arthur's table was round! Everyone came together to share equally! Viva Las Vegas News 3 KSNV! --Sandy W

I have always been a fan of Jim. However I have never been more proud of him and his editorial comments on tonight’s news by openly standing up to Mining and their bullying tactics. Thank you Jim and the investigative team @ News 3. --Carol F.

Thanks for believing in Nevada as a whole and standing up for the State I grew up in. You are a Good honest man I know! Oh I love Dawn Gibbons too! --Linda R

Dawn, I hope this works out. You and Jim appreciate and respect each other. I wish the politicians in Washington could get along so well. .....Be careful that some of these activists, that want to be interviewed, are not just some bored folks from Battle Mountain that want a free trip to Las Vegas. --Kurt G.

And not the minor ones? That's nice... --Benjamin R

Defense Spending

Of course it isn't necessary. The "war on terror" is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the US Citizenry and the world, only to line the pockets of politicians and their military industrial complex cronies. It is a giant racket. Now, go back to your puff pieces and sports. -- Deidre R.

Nice banter back and forth as usual. ......Leon Panetta is worried that sequester cuts will cost us a needed submarine and/or aircraft carrier. The politicians need to level with the American people. I think Ron Paul is right that we have to many bases in to many Countrys around the world. We should be drawing down from those before we cancel a new drone being built. -- Gillespie

Immigration Reform Bill

Great conversation. Jim is right about the Republican obstructionists in Congress. Something is out of line when Boehner, Cantor, and Hatch can determine what comes out of the House or Senate. -- Kirk G.

Dawn you are the best! -– Patricia I.

Reform this....use the same laws they have in their own countries and throw them in jail. --Mike S.

Proposed new UNLV Stadium

OH HELL NO. Pay for it yourself UNLV...YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM SUX. Win a game first. Maybe even have a good season and we can think about it. Until then....HELL NO -- BG

^^^ this person is stupid. We need the stadium. This is y being built for UNLV football. It is needed for NFR alone which brings millions to town. Add in we get skipped by all the big majors concerts because they do not want to play Sam Boyd. Once built we can go after NCAA football bowl games, and other big events. -- John E.

No just call Uncle Wynn, get a check and Put his Name on it Wynn Stadium, Tax write off for him UNLV get a new stadium, call it good. Just a thought? -- A.B.

Hell no, I don't want to pay for part of a new stadium that I will never use! Investment capital is much more effective when kept in private hands. No thanks! -- AJ M.

Dawn, nice change of pace topic. On this issue you were the liberal Republican who had priorities of spending public money on education and infrastructure. While Jim took the side of conservative developers and chamber of commerce folk. ......I think these projects are a mixed bag across the Country. Cong. Dennis Kucinich fought against tax abatements for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland. The project was a success in the 1990s but now its kind of a white elephant building that doesn't draw tourists, pay for itself, or help the businesses around it. (Many which have closed.) .....On the other hand the SF Giants baseball new stadium downtown has been a bonanza. 81-92 home games a year, because the Giants make the playoffs alot, and the surrounding bars and restraunts are doing lots of work. .....I think the SF 49ers were smart to leave town by 2014. It wasn't worth it to build a stadium in 1 of the worst parts of the city for just 10-12 home games a year. -- KG

More generally who should be taking these investment risks, and are central planners qualified to do so and then straddle everyone with the bill whether they wanted it or not? What's wrong with letting a private market build these things if there is a profit motive for them to do so? If there isn't then why should anyone do it? Just because it sounds like a good idea? No wonder most states and the fed govt have massive debts. -- A.M.

What's wrong with Sam Boyd stadium? I'm not sure why we need a new one on the campus when we don't sell out what we already have. -- Donna W.

No Budget – No Pay (and Jim’s plaid shirts )


Great and meaningful issues covered!! Thank you - A. S.

WWJD. What would Jim do? I'm wearing a red plaid shirt today! – Chet. C.

Stephen Horsford Interview

Dawn these have been great this week! - Mary C.

Dawn, Enjoyed that alot. Rep. Horsford seems like a good guy with alot of potential. – Kurt G

Excellent program with Congressman Horsford. – Arnold S.

I really feel you are bringing out the best of Jim . Never used to like listening to Jim until now. He really is dialed in! - Steven S

Harry Reid Interview:

I could not have expressed it any better then Jim Rogers. I have been a republican for most of my life until the party has gone mentally incompetent. I am now an independent and hope Christy runs for president in 2016 with Jindal as his VP running mate! They for a change make sense when they speak and I feel they mean what they say! Chuck Haglel. He is a republican with conservative values and understands the military! -Steve S

Steven, I'm a center-left Democrat but I agree with your remarks. Christy is straight forward and honest. He puts Country above party. I think these attacks on Hagel are orchestrated by the far right. They are sending messages to moderate Republicans like Hagel, John Huntsman, Olympia Snowe,. William Cohen, etc. that they should stay away from serving in Obamas cabinet or they will be ostericized. -Kurt

Christie, maybe OK. But JINDAL? - Cory F

Cory appreciate your comments! Colin Powell expressed my sentiments on Meet the Press this last Sunday when he outlined a play by play strategy to rebuild republican brand which is disintegrating because of the far right. – Steve S.

What? Obama crossing party lines? unheard of.... Matt D.

Matt Obama's previous secretary of defense was Gates who is republican and a very good one! - Steve S.

Please ask him to do what's best for my 401k. Getting too old for all this drama. – Mike H.

Dawn --the only pork I like has sweet and sour in front of it. LOL- Dawn you are a "Responsible Republican." I think theres you, John Huntsman, and the 2 GOP women Senators from Maine. (1 is retiring unfortunately.) Its a shame that modern day tea party Republicans gave Bob Dole the back of their hand, when he lobbied the Senate to pass a UN treaty for the rights of the handicap. Many of those same Senators got their starts and guidance from Dole. He put them on committess they wanted. This is the gratitude they repay him with – K. G.

Quit Posting Obama Worship Services! I vomited less than a minute after the video started. Todd, He was drinking Big-O Kool-Aid -Darryl G.

Is Jim going to kiss Harry's ring? -Laurie B

What is Senator Reid doing to address the mental health services shortfall in Southern Nevada? -Steven C.

Senator Reid, is a waste of space, he never solves problem, just whines and complains, probably because his head is stuffed into dark places, while his hands are in Americans pockets.—Elois B.

I love Harry Reid he is awesome. You haters don't run for office to help solve problems you sit in a room and type trash just throwing darts from your couch. - Teresa M.

And I'm sure they'll be taping another boring Jim Rogers interview shortly. – Shea S

Tell Harry Reid to not pass go and just go directly to jail for the 25 g's he took from the Cleveland boys and no statue of limitations on Reid's tax evasion while Reid was on gaming board. John O. H.

Been to work for what a week and already on vacation. Typical. Why don't you get your @$$ back to Washington and do your job you were elected to do!!! Marc W.

Jim rocks the plaid! LoL – Jeff A. M.

Why waste your breath? You gotta know Reid will NEVER concede to any spending cuts. Government programs are the Dems tickets to reelection for the foreseeable future. That and IDIOT groups like Republicans for Reid! - Bob K.

Good Luck! - Rosemary Y. K

Nice interview, Dawn. - KG


"Dawn, the problem is, as Jim points out, you’re wrong. Let me count the ways.

"'As everybody knows smoking pot causes the munchies.' Well, some does some doesn't. Some makes you relaxed and mellow; some gives you high energy. Cannabis is a vastly complex plant. If it is regulated, tested and labeled, a person can choose the effect they want. The appetite stimulation, by the way, can be of great value to cancer, COPD and emphysema patients.

“'Who’s going to go after the drug dealers (in Washington & Oregon)?' The voters in both states voted for “Tax & Regulate” systems much like state liquor stores. Those who've been selling marijuana illegally will be put out of business and these states will collect millions in new taxes. “They did it in LA and had to close the shops down.” Los Angeles (and much of California) allowed sales – but had no rules or regulations. That’s not a reasonable approach and is far from what the folks in Colorado and Washington choose.

“'If you inhale, it’s a problem – at the least, you will get lung cancer.' First, pure marijuana (like what these two states will allow) will have none of the additives the tobacco companies put in their cigarettes. Second, many of today’s users do not smoke it. Cannabis comes in many forms: tea bags, oils, edible foods items, ointments, drops and some that can be consumed by vaporizing. Bottom line: there is not one documented case in history where marijuana has caused a death. You can’t say that about any prescription or over-the-counter medicine.

As a parent, my greatest concern is that kids hear your kind of talk against cannabis – and their experience tells them it’s incorrect; then when we tell them how dangerous hard drugs are (like meth – where you've done such fabulous work) – they don’t believe us. For this plant, tax & regulate is far better than prohibition." Richard

"Wow, what a great discussion. The whole Country should be engaged in this issue. Richard: I take your point that tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse kill far more than Marijuana could ever do. Maybe Senator Hatch of Utah would agree, except that he takes so much money from the industries I mentioned that he is like an ostrich with his head in the sand... On the other hand I see Dawns point too. I work in Oakland and have co-workers who were in car accidents with motorists that were high on pot. The police will have a tough time registering how much was in their system and if its up to a month old...... I think in theory legalizing and taxing it would get the organized crime element out of it. We don't need to make wanna be Al Capones get rich quick. The Lawyers might have a field day sueing everybody over this. If someone has an adverse reaction would the government, or distribution center that gave the person the pot, be sued? ......I heard a great debate on this issue a few years ago between Cong. Charlie Rangel (Who wants the status quo on drug laws) and former Baltimore Mayor Curt Schmoke. (Who wants to legalize even hard drugs.) They each made compelling cases for their side. I wish the public and politicians were engaged in this issue as much as they are the fiscal cliff." Kurt

"There are reasons why marijuana is illegal. I suppose there is nothing wrong with recreational use if it doesnt affect anyone. However my experience with it has been, I have seen a once energetic, reasonably intelligent human being turned into a paranoid, lethargic sloth from it , just sayin." Janet C

"Whereas alcohol makes us all smarter, more energetic and prettier.... I don't care one way or the other about legalization, but I can't come up with a line of logic that shows why marijuana should be illegal but alcohol and tobacco illegal.- Cory F.

interesting topic!" Rosalie

"Goes for alcohol MY BOOK...just sayin." Janet C.S.

"Work in a court (criminal department). Making it legal, to me, is like pouring gasoline on a bonfire. See comments above concerning determining amount in system. How high is too high? We seriously put the cart before the horse on that one, in making it acceptable here. Medical (RX) pot is a joke. Anyone who wants it can get it. Regarding post about no documented case in history where it has caused a death - perhaps you are not looking at it from the criminal side. There are definitely plenty of cases where someone loaded on pot and driving (a very common occurance) has killed others, or themselves. A recent case I witnessed was heart wrenching, as an innocent person nearly lost their life. I cannot follow the logic that just because something is already legal (alcohol or tobacco), we are obligated to add yet another substance. We have some serious medical and criminal problems with what we've already deemed as legal. I see no reason to complicate it further at this point." - Judy

"Pretty tough subject to tackle as both sides have pros and cons. I have no problem with it recreationally and it's medical use is justified. What I did like was your sense of humor and your refreshing honesty. Great job!" - Jeff

"Know who owns most of the pot shops in LA? Montel Williams" Mary K.

"I'll watch, it is such a double edged sword. Some good reasons to leagalize; like cuttiing off the cartels and the polluting illeagal grows they do here and in foriegn countries. TAX it, TAX it, TAx it, But the cons are so obvious and troublesome. My father in law is the head of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Josephs in Denver. They have such and influx of problem patients since the legalization" – Heather

"Good chemistry!" Mary C.


"Government is in the business because we must remember that marriage was originally a civil contract based on property acquisition. Women came with dowery and were "well endowed" (my have the meaning of that phrase changed!).

"Most colonies required a (male) trustee to be appointed to manage a widow's affairs if there were not a suitable, age appropriate son.. and, of course, the only persons that could vote were property owning, white males, so things weren't going to change very fast... until that pesky little civil war... and that (rehensible to some) act in 1924." Shayne

Previous comments

“Congrats, great Dawn & Jim discussion today. Just happened to get your program on iphone. You and Jim had great dialogues, intelligent and interesting.” Marlene

“What a Wonderfully refreshing political discussion. We watched from Baltimore with interest.” Denise

“Dawn, you look great in HD from Florida! Keep them coming.” E.J.

“Good interview on Channel 4 (Reno).” Mary Jane

“Youza!” Janet

“Dawn, a great show concept! Of course, I had to side with Jim on this one!” Chettoff

“AWESOME Dawn…..great interview. YOU ROCK!!!!!” Zac

“Fantastic discussion, Dawn and Jim!” Vanessa

“Great analysis and banter between the both of you. Your show should be renamed “Common Sense” with Dawn and Jim. Or “Straight Talk” with Dawn and Jim.” Kurt

“Like the show Dawn good job you look great.” – Michael

“More excellent commentary and give and take. You guys have replaced Jon Ralston as my favorite source for Nevada politics and current events.” - Kurt

"The discussion on Nevada education was eye opening and disturbing. Thank goodness both of you have the insight to bring these issues out into the public eye in a timely manner. I would appreciate more discussion on this." - Mary

“Marking my calendar today: Jim Rogers agrees with Dawn - an historic moment! :D” -- John Murphy, general manager and publisher of Reno News and Review

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